Best Bars and Pubs In Cala Millor

If you find yourself touring through the Spanish Balearic islands, and find yourself on Mallorca, specifically in Cala Millor, you will be pleased to find a wide variety of bars and pubs to visit.

Cala Millor is known as a touristy, resort getaway, which is not a bad thing. Knowing that this city caters specifically to the tourist trade, you’re bound to find a lot of people, try new things, and find some reasonable prices.

Below are some of the more popular places to drink when you are in Cala Millor.


Formerly called Winstans, this bar and restaurant is located right on Cala Millor’s seafront. Twenty Twenty offers full bar, big screen televisions, a pool table, free WI-FI and live entertainment nightly that changes for variety.


This is a very popular hangout due to the fact that Danni’s Bar is set-up as a proper English pub right here in Spain, just feet from the sandy shore. Danni’s Bar has the largest selection of real ales at very reasonable prices. In addition, mixed drinks, like sangria, are available, as well as a variety of wines. Visitors get to know the proprietor (Colin) on a first name basis, who gives great directions and information for Cala Millor, and in addition Danni’s Bar has big screen televisions, darts, and pool for patrons to play.


Voted as one of Cala Millor’s most popular bars, this establishment has impressed visitors due to the friendly and gracious staff. Cheers has a comfortable, relaxed feel to it, and offers a full bar (also has a full restaurant), big screen televisions and air conditioning. Prices are very reasonable.


If you are looking for something to make you feel really touristy and it’s not an ‘average’ place that is usually visited in your daily life, try a cocktail or two at the Waikiki Bar. Do not be surprised to receive a very flamboyant treat awaiting you; you may receive your cocktail in a coconut shell, a drink for four with sparklers, or an Easter Island head filled to the brim, adorned with fresh fruit hanging from its edge. Waikiki Bar is pretty much in the center of town, so it’s easy to get to and has reasonable prices. Food is served here also.


If you love sports, and you love a pint or two, this is the bar for you. Located in a convenient location in Cala Millor, this bar offers ales, wines, and mixed drinks. In addition, there are big screen televisions to watch different sporting events, and as the night moves along, the Sportsmans Bar offers up games and karaoke for all to play, and even have a nightly comedian (Robbie the Geordie DJ). Prices are competitive, but slightly higher than the above mentioned.

In conclusion, it is easy just to take a leisurely stroll on the beach and see in the horizon the different bars and pubs that are open and which are popular. But with the above mentioned, at least you know what to expect. Now it is the time for you to get going on the ‘indulging’ part of your holiday.

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