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[toc] While big expansions get most of the attention, Seasons are what keep Destiny 2 alive throughout the year.

With an average of 4 seasons per year, they are responsible for most of the new gear and activities that keep us coming back for more. Seasons are the backbone of the game’s roadmap and future.

List updated as of Season of the Haunted’s release (S17).

Destiny 2 Seasons list

This list features every Destiny 2 Season released so far and includes their start and end dates, their Power cap, and their endgame content.

* For the sake of clarity, Bungie’s 30th Anniversary pack is not technically a season. That said, it was more expensive than a Season, included arguably as much content as a Season, and it was introduced instead of a Season (which was postponed alongside The Witch Queen’s delay).

If you’re unclear on what is still available in the game and what has been removed to put into the Destiny Content Vault, this post will tell you exactly what content is still available. And if you want to get your information straight from the source, this post covers all recent TWAB (Bungie’s weekly blog post).

What you can expect from a Season

Seasons are a great value and are absolutely worth the $10 they cost. Not convinced? Just look at everything you can expect from a Season in Destiny 2:

  • New story missions
  • A new seasonal activity
  • New weapons (10+ per season)
  • New armor sets

Plus, Seasons often come with new content that is available to both season pass holders and free-to-play players. For example, some Seasons include:

  • Reprised Raids (such as Vault of Glass)
  • Dungeons (such as Prophecy)
  • New Playlist, Nightfall, and Iron Banner weapons

What you should not expect from a Season

Seasons are, indeed, a great value, but you can’t be surprised that some things are only available with the purchase of more expensive Yearly Expansions.

These are the pieces of content that are generally reserved for yearly Expansions:

  • A new story campaign
  • A new activity (like Nightmare Hunts or Empire Hunts)
  • A brand-new raid
  • Sometimes, a brand-new dungeon

And of course, Expansions also offer things that are accessible to free-to-play players too. Some examples:

  • A new destination
  • A new element (like Stasis) or reworked element (like the upcoming Solar 3.0)

While seasons all cost the same, $10, the same can’t be said about their quality levels. Some were real bangers while others left a lot to be desired. That said, the quality of Seasons continues to improve over time. I expect the Witch Queen’s seasons to be among the best we’ve seen so far.

What is your favorite Season in Destiny 2? I’m definitely split between Season of Arrivals and Season of Opulence…

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