Destiny 2 Legend Dares of Eternity this Week: Rotation & Loot

Dares of Eternity Legend rotation

2022 Dares of Eternity rotation

Week Round 1 Round 2 Final Boss Week #
May 24, 2022 Fallen Hive Zydron (Vex) Week 1
May 31, 2022 Hive Vex Valus Ta’aurc (Cabal) Week 2
June 7, 2022 Cabal Taken Crota (Hive) Week 3
June 14, 2022 Taken Cabal Zydron (Vex) Week 4
June 21, 2022 Hive Fallen Valus Ta’aurc (Cabal) Week 5
June 28, 2022 Vex Cabal Crota (Hive) Week 6
July 5, 2022 Fallen Hive Zydron (Vex) Week 7
July 12, 2022 Hive Vex Valus Ta’aurc (Cabal) Week 8
July 19, 2022 Cabal Taken Crota (Hive) Week 9
July 26, 2022 Taken Cabal Zydron (Vex) Week 10
August 2, 2022



Valus Ta’aurc (Cabal) Week 11
August 9, 2022



Crota (Hive) Week 12
August 16, 2022



Zydron (Vex) Week 13

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How to farm Dares of Eternity

Dares of Eternity is a straightforward 6-man matchmade activity. It is impossible to fail, provided you keep at it for as long as it takes. However, there are a few crucial gameplay features you need to understand to optimize your time.

Dares of Eternity, Round 1

Dares of Eternity Lightning round

A Lighting Round in Dares of Eternity will reward youwith  significantly more loot. Up to three chests at the end of a run. However, Lighting Rounds have a random chance to occur, and there is little a player can do to improve the odds.

According to Tom Farnsworth, Bungie’s Senior Design Lead, playing more and playing in Legend difficulty will increase the odds though:

Activity Streaks

Running consecutive Dares of Eternity runs will trigger an Activity streak. Each consecutive run will increase you streak until it caps at 5. Completing runs with an active streak will reward you with an additional +25 Strange Favor per streak bonus. Activity streaks will be a great help to earn your Rank up rewards as soon as possible.

Dares of Eternity loot pool

While our dedicated Dares of Eternity weapons guide covers both the weekly rotation and the exclusive guns, Dares  of Eternity will also reward you with Armor and items that cannot be found anywhere else.

Dares of Eternity loot Destiny 2 900p

Dares of Eternity loot!

Dares of Eternity Armor sets

Exclusive weapons

Weapons on rotation this week

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