Destiny 2 Power Weapons Guide (and Tier list)

 Destiny 2 is all about the gunplay, and by extension, the weapons. They all feel different and changing weapon types can sometimes feel like changing games. For that reason, weapon guides play an important role around here.

Today, we focus on the most powerful weapon class in the game: Power weapons (officially referred to as Heavy weapons). We’ll cover both Exotic and Legendary weapons (including their PvP & PvE god rolls) and give you an overview of the current Meta.

List updated as of Season of the Haunted’s release (S17).

What are Power weapons in Destiny 2?

Also referred to as Heavy weapons, Power weapons sit in the Heavy slot. There are only 8 weapon types that can use Heavy ammo, and can therefore be equipped in the Power slot:

Weapon Type Main Role
Rocket Launchers Burst Damage
 Grenade Launchers Add Clear
 Swords Add Clear, Single Target Damage
 Linear Fusion Rifles Single Target Damage
Machine Gun Add Clear
Combat Bows*
Sniper Rifles* Single Target Damage

* The only few Heavy Shotguns, Bows, and Snipers are Exotics.

Unlike Energy weapons that can only deal either Solar, Arc, or Void damage, Heavy weapons can also deal Stasis damage. In fact, Power weapons and Kinetic weapons are the only guns able to deal Stasis damage.

Destiny 2 element icons ALL art

While Kinetic and Energy weapons both include Primary and Special ammo weapons, Power weapons only include guns that use Heavy ammo, aka, the purple ammo boxes. Needless to say, Heavy weapons are the most powerful in the game but their ammo is the most difficult to find.

Ammo art Destiny 2

Best Heavy weapons in Destiny 2: Tier list

Now that we’ve covered all the basics regarding Power weapons, it’s time we move on to what you’re probably here for: What are the best Power weapons in Destiny 2?

The list below includes what we consider the top-tier Heavy weapons in the game, for both PVE and PVP. By only including S Tier weapons, you can rest assured these are the most lethal guns out there:

As a reminder, these are the different Tier levels used for our rankings:

  • S Tier – Best: Highest ranking weapon types.
  • A Tier – Strong: Very strong weapon types, but not on the same level as S Tier Choices.
  • B Tier – Average: Decent choices that can be lethal in the hands of a skilled player.
  • C Tier – Weak: The middle of the pack, somewhat mediocre.
  • D Tier – Worst: Lagging behind the competition, these don’t have much to offer.

Note that this list is the result of the many different Tier lists we’ve done so far.

Heavy weapons list: The complete list

In case you’re looking for something much more specific (i.e. an Arc Precision Linear Fusion rifle) that you couldn’t find above, this list includes every Heavy weapon still viable in Destiny 2:

Current Power weapons Meta

It’s always exciting to review the best weapons in any given category, understand where to find them, and then go for them. After all, the chase for the best weapons is at the heart of Destiny 2. That said, it’s also important to understand how the different weapon types compare against each other.

What is “Meta”? Meta refers to the most used weapons for a particular activity. Generally, these weapons are the most used because they are the most powerful/efficient.

We talk a lot about Swords, for example, and less about Rocket Launchers. This section will give you a good overview of the current PVE and PVP Meta for Power weapons.

Role Explanation Target Weapon types
Add Clear Clearing weaker enemies faster than you could with a primary ammo weapon. For most content, primaries do the add clear job perfectly well, so this is most useful in high difficulty PvE. Main: Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, Swords

Secondary: Rocket Launchers

Single Target Damage Burning down a boss. Main: Linear Fusion Rifles, Exotic Snipers, Swords

Secondary: Grenade Launchers, Machine Guns

Burst Damage Burning down a champion quickly, or for bosses with multiple damage phases, clearing a phase quickly. Main: Rocket Launchers

Secondary: Linear Fusion Rifles

PS: If you’re looking for the complete rundown of the state of the current Meta for PVP and PVP, check out our Destiny 2 Meta weapons guide.

As done before, the 2 lists below start with the S Tier weapon types and move down from there:

PVE Power weapons meta

For the record, weapon categories consisting of only 1 or 2 exotics have been excluded from this overview. In this case, Heavy snipers, shotguns, and fusion rifles have been excluded.

PVP Power weapons meta

Your turn

By now you should have a good understanding of what the best Power weapons in Destiny 2 are: What makes them special, how to recognize them, and which ones are the best.

This will hopefully help you get one step closer to the perfect loadout, combining top-tier armor and a kinetic, energy, and heavy weapon.

Hopefully, you also understood the importance of keeping these lists up to date. Bungie usually changes the “sandbox” with buffs and nerfs that can rather any “Weapons ranking” obsolete overnight. You can rest assured this overview is up to date with the current sandbox and it will be updated as soon as a significant sandbox update occurs!

So, which one is your favorite Power weapon?

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