Project Road Map Roadmap

Welcome to, the premier destination for Guardians seeking the enigmatic Xur in Destiny 2. I’m William Shephard, a 30-year-old web developer from Austin, Texas, and the creator of this site. As a lifelong gamer with a deep-seated passion for Destiny 2, I’ve dedicated over 10,000 hours to the game and leveraged my professional expertise to serve the community that shares my enthusiasm.

Roadmap Introduction

The roadmap for is designed to guide the development of the website and ensure it meets the evolving needs of Destiny 2 players. Here’s what you can expect in the upcoming phases:

Phase 1: Core Features

  • Xur’s Location: A real-time tracker showing Xur’s current location every week.
  • Inventory Listing: Detailed information on Xur’s available items, including stats and perks.
  • Alerts and Notifications: An opt-in feature for email or push notifications when Xur arrives or updates inventory.

Phase 2: User Experience Enhancements

  • Interactive Maps: A user-friendly interface with interactive maps to pinpoint Xur’s exact location.
  • Community Feedback Integration: A section for community-submitted tips and sightings to help others find Xur quickly.
  • Mobile Optimization: Ensuring the website is fully optimized for a seamless experience on mobile devices.

Phase 3: Community Building

  • Discussion Forum: A dedicated space for Guardians to discuss strategies, share experiences, and form fireteams.
  • User Accounts: Personalized user accounts for tracking individual Xur interactions and inventory history.
  • Social Media Integration: Easy sharing of Xur’s details on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Phase 4: Expansion and Diversification

  • Additional Languages: Multi-language support to cater to the global Destiny 2 community.
  • Merchandise: Official apparel and accessories for fans to show their support.
  • Other Game Integrations: Exploring possibilities for similar tracking features for other popular games.

Phase 5: Future Innovations

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Features: Implement AR technology to enhance the in-game experience of finding Xur.
  • API Development: Public API for developers to create their own apps or integrations with Xur data.
  • Community Events: Hosting live events and contests to engage and reward the community.

Final Thoughts

As a web developer and avid gamer, I’m deeply committed to providing a valuable resource for my fellow Guardians. The roadmap for reflects my dedication to both the Destiny 2 game and the vibrant community surrounding it. I’m inspired by the tech culture of Austin, and I’m excited to see how this platform can evolve with your support and feedback. Let’s embark on this journey together and make the ultimate hub for all things Xur.

Stay tuned for updates, and here’s to many more hours of tracking down our favorite exotic gear vendor!

William Shephard