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How to Efficiently Farm Exotics from Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 offer a unique avenue for farming Exotic gear, particularly for solo players. These mini-dungeons, scattered throughout the game’s various worlds, become highly rewarding activities when played on higher difficulties. This guide outlines strategies for efficiently farming Exotic items from Lost Sectors, ensuring that players can maximize their chances of obtaining valuable gear.

Lost Sectors Explained

Lost Sectors are small, self-contained areas that are identified by a unique symbol resembling an archway. They usually contain a group of enemies and a boss that, when defeated, grants access to a loot chest. While accessible to all players, the real opportunity for farming Exotic gear comes from completing these sectors on Legend or Master difficulties, which are only available on certain days and rotate between different Lost Sectors.

Requirements for Farming Exotics

To begin farming Exotics from Lost Sectors, there are specific prerequisites:

  • Power Level: Ensure your Power Level is at least on par with the recommended level for the Legend (1830+) and Master (1840+) difficulties. Being under-leveled can make these activities far more challenging.
  • Solo Play: Exotics only drop from Lost Sectors when they are completed solo. This is crucial for planning your approach.
  • Rotation and Availability: Check the daily reset information, which will tell you which Lost Sectors are active for that day and what type of armor (helmet, gauntlets, chest, or legs) they are likely to drop.

Strategies for Efficient Farming

1. Prepare Your Loadout

  • Optimized Gear: Equip armor and mods that enhance your survivability and damage. Mods that increase your resistance to specific types of damage prevalent in the Lost Sector you are tackling are especially valuable.
  • Weapon Choices: Choose weapons that counter the shields and enemy types you will face. For example, if you’re facing a lot of sun shield enemies, weapons that deal Solar damage to counter their shields are mandatory.
  • Weapon Mods for Champions: To successfully complete the lost sector, do not forget to install the mods to neutralize champions. Look carefully at the type of champions each time, they change depending on the lost sector.
  • Exotic Synergy: Utilize Exotic weapons or armor that complement your playstyle and enhance your ability to clear enemies quickly and survive. For instance, the Riskrunner submachine gun is excellent in areas with lots of Arc damage.

2. Understand Enemy Layouts and Behaviors

  • Before you start your runs, take time to learn the layouts and enemy spawn patterns of the Lost Sectors you plan to farm. Knowing where enemies come from and what types they are can significantly speed up your clears and reduce deaths.

3. Use of Strategy and Tactics

  • Clear Efficiently: Prioritize enemy threats based on their damage output and threat level. High-damage enemies like snipers or majors should be dealt with quickly.
  • Boss Strategies: Have a strategy for the boss at the end of the Lost Sector. This might include saving your Super ability or heavy ammunition to deal with the boss quickly once all other enemies are cleared.

4. Repeated Runs

  • Exotic drops from Lost Sectors are not guaranteed on each run. Therefore, be prepared to run the same sector multiple times. Keeping a tally of your attempts can be helpful in tracking drop rates and managing expectations.

5. Managing Resources

  • Ensure you have sufficient ammo and ability energy before engaging tougher enemies or the boss. Use ammo finders and scavenger mods to keep your supplies topped up.

6. Adjust Based on Experience

  • If a strategy or loadout isn’t working, don’t hesitate to adjust. Sometimes, a small change in tactics or equipment can make a significant difference in your success rate.


Farming Exotics from Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 is a highly rewarding activity for solo players looking for high-quality gear. By understanding the mechanics, preparing adequately, and employing effective strategies, players can significantly enhance their efficiency in acquiring these coveted items. Remember, patience and persistence are key, as the RNG (Random Number Generator) nature of loot drops means success rates can vary widely. However, with the right approach, you can optimize your farming efforts to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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