What Is Xur Selling in Destiny 2: a Detailed Overview

In the electrifying universe of Destiny 2, every player’s ally is the elusive vendor, Xur. He’s got the knack for trading obscure, exotic items that could boost a Guardian’s battle prowess. But, he’s a slippery eel, appearing at random, his inventory a weekly surprise. This guide dives into the nitty-gritty of Xur’s role, his peculiar trading system, and tips to track him down. So, if you want to upgrade your game, here’s your treasure map!

Key Takeaways

  • Xur is a vendor who sells rare goods in exchange for Strange Coins in Destiny and Legendary Shards in Destiny 2.
  • Xur appears on weekends from Friday to Sunday in Destiny and from Friday to the weekly reset on Tuesdays in Destiny 2.
  • Xur’s inventory in Destiny is different for each year, while in Destiny 2, his inventory changes each week.
  • Xur’s location varies weekly in Destiny 2, making it harder for players to find him.

What is Xur selling in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, Xur’s role as a rare-goods vendor significantly influences players’ game progression, making him an essential figure to understand. Known as an ‘Agent of the Nine,’ Xur provides players with exotic weapons and armor, highly sought-after items that can drastically enhance gameplay.

One of the challenges players face is Xur’s location, which changes every week. To find Xur, players need to hunt him down on the different planets within the game. However, online communities and resources are dedicated to tracking Xur’s whereabouts, making it easier for players to locate him.

Understanding Xur’s role, learning how to find him, and knowing what he offers each week is crucial to advancing in Destiny 2. With his exotic gear, Xur can be a game-changer for many players.

Decoding Xûr’s Weekly Sales

Xur offers a variety of exotic and legendary weapons and armor. The items change every week, making it essential for players to check his inventory regularly. Decoding Xur’s weekly sales can reveal rare and powerful items that can significantly enhance a player’s performance in the game.

Xur typically appears on weekends, from Friday to Tuesday, selling unique goods that can’t be found elsewhere. These exotic items include weapons, armor, and engrams, all purchasable with Legendary Shards. Remember, staying informed and acting quickly are the keys to getting the most out of Xur’s weekly sales.

Locating Xur in the Game

Finding Xur in the game requires a keen eye and a sense of adventure, as his location changes weekly. This mysterious merchant is elusive, but with patience, players can track Xur’s location and see what exotic Xur sells this week.

Here are some tips to locate this mysterious vendor in Destiny 2:

  • Check popular spots: Xûr has been known to frequent places like the Winding Cove and the Tower Hangar.
  • Use online resources: Many Destiny communities post Xur locations promptly after his weekly appearance.
  • Look for the telltale signs: Xûr’s presence is often marked by a group of players crowding around him in the game.

Each week, Xur brings a new location and a fresh inventory of items to sell, making every encounter with this vendor exciting for players. While the search can be challenging, the potential rewards make the hunt for Xur worth the effort. So gear up, Guardians, and embark on your quest to find Xur this week! The rare treasures that this mysterious merchant offers are waiting to be discovered.

Xur’s Connection With the Nine

Diving into the lore of Destiny 2, Xûr’s connection with The Nine stands out as a key facet of his identity and purpose in the game. Known as the Agent of the Nine, Xur serves their interests, selling weapons and armor to Guardians. His role is not just a merchant; he’s a link between Guardians and these enigmatic entities.

Xur’s exotic cipher quest is said to be a task set by The Nine, offering exotic ciphers as rewards for completing challenging activities. This connection is evident in his location – the Watcher’s Grave, a significant place to The Nine.

The Nine’s influence extends to his inventory. The exotic gear he sells are thought to be gifts from The Nine, intended to aid Guardians in their battles. This connection intrigues players, adding a layer of mystery to Xur’s weekend appearances.

In Destiny 2, Xur embodies the cryptic nature of The Nine. His presence serves as a reminder of their unseen hand in the game’s universe, making every encounter with him a brush with the unknown.

Xur’s Appearance: A Closer Look

In Destiny 2, Xur’s physical appearance has evolved, making him one of the game’s most distinctive characters. He’s a mysterious figure draped in dark, tattered robes, his face obscured by a hood. Xur’s face is shrouded in shadows, revealing only his glowing, eerily luminescent eyes. This elusive trader carries a suitcase filled with exotic items, including the coveted exotic hand cannon – the Hawkmoon.

Xur’s appearance hints at his enigmatic nature and the precious goods he sells. Some notable features include:

  • His tall, slender figure adds to his mysterious aura.
  • His dark, ragged attire symbolizes his nomadic lifestyle.
  • A distinctive mask, further shrouding him in mystery.

Xur can be found in varying locations, including the European Dead Zone, with his inventory offering a chance to win crucible matches or gain legendary and ascendant shards. His appearance in the game adds intrigue and allows players to enhance their gameplay with exotic items. Let’s delve deeper into engaging with Xur’s gameplay and merchandise as we move forward.

Engaging With Xur’s Gameplay and Merchandise

Engaging with Xur opens up unique gameplay opportunities and access to rare merchandise in Destiny 2. He’s the go-to vendor for players looking for exotic perk enhancements and legendary gear to give them an edge.

Xur’s inventory includes a kinetic scout rifle, legendary armor pieces, and the Felwinters Helm, a sought-after item that can boost players’ defenses. These items come with random rolls, making each purchase a surprise. Additionally, he offers one ascendant shard, a valuable item that can upgrade armor.

Every week, Xur’s collection of legendary items changes, keeping players on their toes. But regardless of the shifting inventory, the rewards remain consistently high-quality.

To take full advantage of Xur’s offerings, players should regularly check his inventory, strategize their purchases, and make the most of his exotic perks and legendary gear. This will help them maximize their gameplay experience and become formidable opponents in Destiny 2.

List of best Exotic Weapons from Xur

The Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon heads the list for a multitude of reasons. Its unique perk, “Paracausal Shot,” allows players to stack damage for the final round in the magazine, making it a powerhouse in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Its high precision and impressive reload speed make it a must-have for any player.

The Monte Carlo Auto Rifle, known for its Monte Carlo Method and Markov Chain perks, is excellent for melee-focused builds. These perks make it easier to reduce melee cooldown and boost damage after melee kills.

The Trinity Ghoul Combat Bow, with its ‘Lightning Rod’ perk, causing chain lightning effects on precision kills, is a fantastic crowd control weapon. It’s particularly effective in PvE, where enemies often group together.

These weapons are all desirable for their unique perks and potential to cause massive damage, making them the top picks from Xur in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Xur can give you?

Xur, the mysterious vendor, is known for selling a variety of items includig exotic weapon Hawkmoon. Every week Xur bring exotic engram, additionaly to exotic and legendary weapons with armor. However, keep in mind that the exact weapon Xur is selling changes every week, so check back often to see what treasures he has in store.

Does Xur give an Exotic Cipher every week?

He offers a quest called “Xenology” each week. The quest usually involves killing enemies and/or completing Strikes, Crucible and Gambit matches. Therefore, while Xur himself doesn’t hand out Exotic Ciphers, you can earn one weekly by completing the Xenology quest he provides. For one Exotic Cipher Xur selling Exotic engram.

What Is the Backstory of Xur’s Relationship With the Nine, and Why Does He Serve Them in Destiny 2?

Xûr serves The Nine, a mysterious entity in Destiny 2. He’s their Agent, aiding Guardians via rare goods. His actions reflect The Nine’s will and his offerings are their gifts. Despite being enigmatic, Xûr’s relationship with The Nine is symbiotic, working together to influence the game’s universe. His servitude and the backstory remain shrouded in mystery, adding intrigue and depth to his character and role within the game.

Are There Any Specific Strategies or Tips for Locating Xur Each Week in the Game?

Like hunting for hidden treasure, locating Xûr each week is a thrilling chase. He’s not marked on the map, so players must search high and low. He could be anywhere from the Tower to the EDZ. His locations rotate weekly, so don’t expect to find him in the same place twice. Pro tip: be online on Fridays; that’s when he arrives. Remember, he’s a weekend visitor, so come Tuesday, he’ll be gone.

How many times you can visit Xur?

Xur is available every weekend, specifically from Friday to the early hours of Tuesday. During this time, you can visit Xur as many times as you wish. Please note that his inventory changes every week, so frequent visits may not yield new items during the same weekend. However, there’s no limit to the number of times you can interact with him per his appearances.


So, you thought Xûr was just another vendor, eh? Think again. As unpredictable as he is, Xûr’s exotic trades and elusive nature make him an intriguing game-changer in Destiny 2. This guide has offered a deep dive into his complex universe, equipping you with the knowledge to exploit his offerings. Remember, in the thrilling world of Destiny 2, it’s not just about finding Xûr – it’s about understanding his worth. Happy hunting, Guardians!

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